The Art & Science of Data

Save the Date for the 2022 Art & Science of Data event! 

On Wednesday, January 12, 2022, the Office of Assessment/APR and the Office of Institutional Analytics will host a daylong event to empower faculty and staff with training and information on how to leverage institutional data resources to understand their own units and tell their stories more effectively. More information will be posted here as event details for 2022 are solidified. Please contact or with any questions!

Registration is now open! Register here!


You can check out the Session Materials From Years 1 & 2 below!

Keynote Address: Dr. Pamela Cheek (PowerPoint | Recording)

Using Data to Create Equity in Student Experience (PowerPoint | Recording)

Presenters: Pamela Cheek, Sushilla Knottenbelt, and Charla Orozco

Strength in Numbers: Learning How Data Can Help Develop a More Competitive Grant Proposal (PowerPoint | Recording)

Presenters: Stephanie Tofighi

The Starting Point in Program Assessment (PowerPoint | Recording)

Presenters: Julia So and John Bollweg

Leveraging Data Visualizations to Support Grant Proposals (PowerPoint | Recording

Presenters: Heather Mechler and Stephanie Tofighi

Panel Presentation: Using Data to Create your Unit's Strategic Plan for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (PowerPoint | Recording)

Presenters: Assata Zerai and Nancy Lopez

Using Pivot Tables and Charts to Explore and Get to Know your Survey Data (PowerPoint | Recording)

Presenters: Charla Orozco and Samuel Hatch

Grant Writing: Finding the Data you Need (PowerPoint | Recording)

Presenters: Val Martinez and Katy Korzekwa

We survived 2020: Technology, Pedagogy and Creativity for a New Normal (Spark Presentation| Recording)

Presenters: Elisha Allen and Kim Fournier

The Importance of Data Equity in Institutional Data (PowerPoint | Recording)

Presenters: Monte-Angel Richardson

Access Census data (ACS, Economic Census & Microdata) through the new tool Data.Census.Gov (PowerPoint | Recording)

Presenters: Suzan Regan

Bringing your Quantitative Data Story to Life: Where to Begin? (PowerPoint | Recording)

Presenters: Julie Sanchez and Charla Orozco

Using Data Effectively: Student Campus/College vs Course Campus/College (PowerPoint | Recording)

Presenters: Katy Korzekwa and Val Martinez 


MyReports: Student Reports with Frozen Data - Valerie Martinez, Director of Enrollment Management

Telling a story: Presenting information with Adobe Creative Cloud - Elisha Allen, Director of Academic Technologies

Transforming Assessment: From Make-Work to Mission - Melissa Binder, Director of Masters in Public Policy

Understanding the Data Dictionary - Charla Orozco and Edwin Agbenyega, Institutional Researchers

Using Institutional Dashboards - Heather Mechler, Director of Office of Institutional Analytics

Data Management, Sharing, & Preservation Services at UNM (previously Best Practices in Storing/Archiving Data) - Jonathan Wheeler, Assistant Professor, College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences

MyReports: Student Reports with ODS Data - Valerie Martinez, Director of Enrollment Management

Course Sequencing using Pivot Tables - Charla Orozco, Institutional Researcher

Course Evaluation Process (What to do with your EvaluationKit data) - Elisha Allen, James Contreras, Donna Gutierrez, Academic Technologies

IPEDS Instruction - Heather Mechler, Director of the Office of Institutional Analytics 

Roundtable Campus Data Discussion - Julie Sanchez, Director of the Office of Assessment & Academic Program Review

  • PowerPoint [Forthcoming]
  • Notes [Forthcoming]

What's Your Opinio? Survey Research with Opinio - Elisha Allen, James Contreras, Donna Gutierrez, Academic Technologies