The Art & Science of Data

Save the Date for the second annual Art & Science of Data event on January 13, 2021! A Free Virtual Event You Won't Want to Miss! 

On January 13, 2021, from 9:00 am to 2:45 pm, the Offices of Assessment/APR and Institutional Analytics will host a daylong, virtual event to empower faculty and staff with training and information on how to leverage institutional data resources to understand their own units and tell their stories more effectively. A glance at the proposed schedule is illustrated below. If you are interested in presenting, please submit a proposal to present by October 16th, 2020. Presenters will by notified by November 6th, 2020 if their session has been selected. Please contact or with any questions!

Schedule at a Glance
9:00-9:45 am Concurrent Sessions - Block 1
10:00-10:45 amConcurrent Sessions - Block 2
11:00-11:45 amConcurrent Sessions - Block 3
12:00-1:00 pmLunch Break (possible Keynote)
1:00-1:45 pmConcurrent Sessions - Block 4
2:00-2:45 pmConcurrent Sessions - Block 5

Interested, but want to learn more?

Check out the Session Materials From Year One (January 15, 2020)

MyReports: Student Reports with Frozen Data - Valerie Martinez, Director of Enrollment Management

Telling a story: Presenting information with Adobe Creative Cloud - Elisha Allen, Director of Academic Technologies

Transforming Assessment: From Make-Work to Mission - Melissa Binder, Director of Masters in Public Policy


Understanding the Data Dictionary - Charla Orozco and Edwin Agbenyega, Institutional Researchers

Using Institutional Dashboards - Heather Mechler, Director of Office of Institutional Analytics

Data Management, Sharing, & Preservation Services at UNM (previously Best Practices in Storing/Archiving Data) - Jonathan Wheeler, Assistant Professor, College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences

MyReports: Student Reports with ODS Data - Valerie Martinez, Director of Enrollment Management

Course Sequencing using Pivot Tables - Charla Orozco, Institutional Researcher

Course Evaluation Process (What to do with your EvaluationKit data) - Elisha Allen, James Contreras, Donna Gutierrez, Academic Technologies

IPEDS Instruction - Heather Mechler, Director of the Office of Institutional Analytics 

Roundtable Campus Data Discussion - Julie Sanchez, Director of the Office of Assessment & Academic Program Review

  • PowerPoint [Forthcoming]
  • Notes [Forthcoming]

What's Your Opinio? Survey Research with Opinio - Elisha Allen, James Contreras, Donna Gutierrez, Academic Technologies