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Academic Programs Assessment Plans

6 steps of an assessment cycle

All academic programs at UNM are required to develop and submit an academic program assessment plan and annual assessment report. The academic program assessment plan and annual assessment report document how each program intend to complete and actually has completed, respectively, the six steps of an assessment cycle (see diagram below) throughout the academic year. The academic program assessment cycle at UNM begins in the summer and ends in the spring—spanning the summer, fall, and spring semesters. The assessment cycle timeline for academic programs is the same as the academic year timeline at UNM.

Each academic program assessment plan has to be reviewed and approved by the program’s College Assessment Review Committee (CARC), or the equivalent every seven years. In order to inform and communicate to faculty, staff, and the UNM community the goals, student learning outcomes, and assessment practices and methods of every academic program, CARCs are expected to post publicly their programs’ assessment plans on the assessment webpage for their college, school, or branch. Please click on the name of the college, school, or branch provided in the menu below to access its assessment webpage.

Colleges and Schools

Branch Campuses

  • Anderson School of Management
  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • College of Education
  • College of Fine Arts
  • Graduate Studies
  • Honors College
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences
  • School of Architecture and Planning
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Law
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Public Administration
  • University College

Annual Academic Program Assessment Reports

Annual academic program assessment reports, including accompanying evidence, are due starting on October 1st for initial review and feedback by College Assessment Review Committees (CARCs), or the equivalent. Keep in mind that programs are expected to report only on the student learning outcomes that were measured during the previous academic year or the most recently completed assessment cycle. Each program is responsible for designating a team or person to write and submit its annual assessment report.

CARCs, or the equivalent, are expected to establish internal processes and deadlines for their college, school, or branch from October to November regarding the submission, review, and collection of final drafts of their programs’ annual assessment reports. After an initial review of the program assessment report has been completed and all feedback have been addressed, a final draft should be submitted to your program’s CARC, or the equivalent by December 23rd or prior to the start of the University’s winter break. The CARCs are responsible for ensuring that the Office of Assessment has access to all their programs’ annual assessment reports, including accompanying evidence, by December 23rd. Please contact the chair of the CARC, or the equivalent, for your college, school, or branch for access to and/or information on academic program assessment reports and internal processes and deadlines.

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