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Tk20 Campuswide

Tk20 LogoThe Office of Assessment provides Tk20 CampusWide™ for academic programs and administrative units as a resource to support a culture of improvement at UNM. It is a comprehensive assessment, planning, reporting, and data management system that provides tools for academic programs and administrative units to collect and manage their academic and non-academic assessment activities learning. Designated faculty and staff who are responsible for inputting assessment information and data into Tk20 for their academic program, UNM Core course(s), or administrative unit should contact the Office of Assessment at in order to have an account created in their name. Please go to this link to access UNM’s Tk20 CampusWide™ portal.

If you are new to Tk20 CampusWide™ and need help getting started, please refer to the following screencasts tutorials for assistance. You also can refer to the Tk20 Campuswide Helpdesk for additional resources.

  • Creating Mission/Goal/Outcome Statements
  • Aligning Goals/Outcomes/UNM Learning Goals
  • Academic Program Assessment Report Data Entry
  • Administrative Unit Assessment Report Data Entry
  • UNM Core Curriculum Course-Level Assessment Report Data Entry
  • Uploading Documents into the Document Room
  • Generating Tk20 Report on Academic Program Assessment Data Entry
  • Generating Tk20 Report on Administrative Unit Assessment Data Entry
Institutional Reports
Documents and Templates