UNM Data Sources

There are many UNM data sources that may be used for assessment purposes. A few are listed below. The Office of Assessment will also host a UNM Data Sources Workshop each semester that will illustrate how to navigate some of the sources listed below. 

  • MyReports: the "live" source for gathering student data. You will need the Banner Authorization Request (BAR) role "Student Detail MyReports User" to access the reports in MyReports, which you can request here
  • UNM Office of Institutional Analytics (OIA) 
    • Fact Book: Contains information on student enrollment, graduation, faculty, staff, and financial aid (produced annually).
    • Official Enrollment Reports: Contains information on enrollments and student credit hours (SCH) by level, college, demographic group, and time status (produced each semester).
    • Common Data Set: Used to populate many of our national surveys such as U.S. News & World Report and Princeton Review; Contains information on enrollment, incoming freshman demographics, faculty, course section sizes, and more (produced annually).
    • IPEDS Finance, HR, and Student Data: These data are reported to the Federal Government every year and are a rich source of data on finance, degrees, enrollments, and employees. 
  • Tk20 CampusWide™: The UNM College of Education uses Tk20 CampusWide™ for their academic programs and administrative units as a resource to support a culture of improvement at UNM. It is a comprehensive assessment, planning, reporting, and data management system used only in the College of Education to collect and manage their academic and non-academic assessment activities learning. Designated faculty and staff who are responsible for inputting assessment information and data into Tk20 for their academic program may use this link to access UNM’s Tk20 CampusWide™ portal.