Mission, Vision, and Goals


The mission of the Office of Assessment & Academic Program Review is to promote a supportive climate that fosters ongoing, purposeful, and meaningful assessment to guide instruction, curriculum, programming, and planning decisions at the University of New Mexico.


The vision of the Office of Assessment & Academic Program Review is to engage campus communities in reflective assessment practices and continuous improvement cycles that drive the University of New Mexico’s mission and goals surrounding student attainment of knowledge, skills, and responsibility.


In order to achieve its mission, the Office of Assessment & Academic Program Review adheres to the following goals:

  • lead the development of a comprehensive institutional assessment program to support the University's mission and strategic initiatives;
  • design, direct, and support academic programs and administrative units assessment practices and related activities that demonstrate institutional effectiveness at all campuses;
  • coordinate with the UNM branch campuses, Health Sciences Center, University Accreditation and Academic Program Review (APR) Office, and Office of Institutional Analytics (OIA) for assessment reporting at the state, regional, and national levels; and
  • continuously communicate and disseminate assessment expectations, resources, and reporting processes to the UNM community.