GenEd 3 Year Assessment Cycle

During the statewide general education revision, NMHED aligned each essential skill to a content area. UNM’s 3-year general education assessment cycle allows units to collect, analyze, and report data pertaining to one essential skill per year that maps to their content area.  In the first year, there is a choice between two essential skills. In the second year, every college/school/branch will report on the Critical Thinking essential skill. In the third year, units will report on the skill pertaining to their content area they did not report on in year one. Therefore, UNM will collect institutional data on the following essential skills:  

  • Years One and Three: Communication, Personal & Social Responsibility, Information & Digital Literacy, Quantitative Reasoning
  • Year Two: Critical Thinking

Please see the table below with a more detailed view of how the new essential skills map to the content areas in the assessment cycle.

Table of assessment cycle