Deadlines & Submission Form

Upon collection of student artifacts, each instructor within each college/school/branch will submit their four student artifacts using the GE Assessment Artifact Submission Form. Fall section artifacts should be submitted by December 15. Spring section artifacts should be submitted by May 15. Submissions can be made throughout the academic year but should be submitted no later than May 15 each year. 

Ready to Submit? 

Please be sure you have the following information about your minimum of four student artifacts, as it will be required in the form:

  • Instructor Name
  • College/School/Branch
  • Course Number
  • Course Modality
  • Sampling Technique - How were your minimum of 4 student artifacts selected? Examples of Random, Stratified, and Systematic sampling are:
    • Random - i.e., students were randomly numbered 1-30, then a number generator was used to choose student artifacts
    • Systematic - i.e., chose student artifacts at regular intervals based on the class roster (ex: every 5th student)
    • Stratified - i.e., broke down the class roster into student's undergraduate level (First-years, Sophomores, etc) and chose artifacts from each of these groupings
  • Student Grade Level
  • Assignment Type (written, oral, lab report, visual work or representation, etc.)
  • Assignment Description (however you described the assignment to your students)
  • Essential Skill and Dimensions
  • The Critical Thinking Artifacts Themselves - de-identified of student information if possible 
    • The form can take many different artifact types (excel, word, PDF, PowerPoint, etc.) but if you have a video recording you will have to upload to youtube/equivalent and share the link with us.