Roles in the Assessment Process

College/School/Branch Responsibilities

In order to collect equitable and representative samples of student artifact relating to each essential skill, each college/school/branch is required to select 10 sections of general education courses they offer in the designated content area per year. Ideally, units will choose five sections per semester to submit data. The instructors of each of the selected sections of courses are required to provide four student artifacts. Artifacts collected could come from the first and last students on the roster and two from the middle. Unit leadership and assessment committees should choose which 10 course sections will submit data, inclusive of both 1000 and 2000 (old 100 and 200) level courses.

The key people involved in the assessment of the General Education Program at the University of New Mexico will remain the same and will include: 
  1. The CARCs of individual colleges/schools/branches
  2. Selected faculty/instructors of GenEd courses
  3. The Office of Assessment & APR

The roles of each group are outlined below. 

CARC Role:

  1. Review essential skills/rubrics and decide which skill the college is assessing in year 1 & 3/ disseminate to faculty/instructors
  2. Select which 10 course sections will represent the content area
  3. Set internal timelines for faculty/instructors to gather student artifacts

Faculty and Instructors whose General Education course sections have been selected as part of the assessment process: 

  1. Review essential skill rubrics and select 2 areas that align with student artifact (Beginning of semester/when creating syllabus)
  2. Submit 4 students’ artifacts and complete fillable form to OA (End of each semester)

Office of Assessment & APR Roles:

  1. Receive all artifacts from faculty/instructors
  2. Follow up with CARCs when artifacts are not received
  3. Oversee and participate in external review of artifacts by review team
  4. Aggregate and analyze data from all artifact ratings
  5. Provide college/school/branch level artifact ratings to CARCs
  6. Report findings in State of General Education Assessment Report annually